German Patent Law Amendment / PCT

May 1st, 2022: The term for entering the national phase in Germany based on a PCT patent application will be 31 months.

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office, in its capacity as designated and elected Office, has notified the International Bureau (IB) of a change in the time limit applicable for entry into the national phase under PCT Articles 22(3) and 39(1)(b).  The new time limit will be 31 months from the priority date, and will be applicable as from 1 May 2022 in respect of international applications for which the previously applicable 30‑month time limit has not yet expired on 30 April 2022, and to the extent that the applicant has not expressly made an effective request for entry into the national phase under PCT Articles 23(2) and 40(2) before 1 May 2022.