Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney – Partner in European Innovations and Trade Mark Protection

Europe is growing together politically and economically. Patent attorneys as advisors help the companies represented by them to find their way.

A European patent application can lead to a patent in up to 38 European states.

With only a so-called international patent application, an international search and a preliminary international examination under the Patent cooperation Treaty (PCT) can be prepared for the grant of a patent in 152 countries.

With only one application, the registration of a European Union trade mark, effective for the entire European Union, can be obtained.

The patent attorney, as a rule, is also “European patent attorney”, the first pan-European profession with its own European professional training and final examination, and admitted to practice before the European Patent Office.

The European patent attorney is also a ”European trade mark attorney”, thus, a European trade mark representative admitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain, the office responsible for European Union  trade marks.

In order to meet these demanding responsibilities, patent attorneys have to undergo one of the longest courses of professional training in Germany.

They hold advanced degrees in engineering or natural sciences and must have a university degree, industrial experience, and at least three years of legal training.

Patent attorneys are just as familiar with the specialized relevant law as with natural science and engineering.

This combination of qualifications and competence enables the patent attorney to advise and to represent their clients extensively in inventions, trade marks, designs and Know-How – and thus to set the course for the success of an innovation, a design or a trade mark.