Other IP rights

Another intellectual property rights option is the topography application by which a special semiconductor protection can be achieved.


The monitoring of intellectual property rights is an important service we offer with a focus on patents and trademarks. By monitoring patents it is ensured that opposition to a patent may be initiated at an early stage of the proceedings.

Trademark monitoring reveals if any third party has filed a similar trademark.This being the case opposition can be taken against this trademark and its protective effect could either be limited or even completely avoided.


If one of our clients’ Intellectual Property Right suffers from an infringement we use all of our expert knowledge to enforce the respective right.

Since the officially granted Intellectual Property Rights are commonly regarded with high respect, many conflicting situations can be settled by mutual agreements before legal steps have to be taken.

Mutual agreements normally are based on licence agreements, which we shall be most pleased to negotiate and work out for our clients.

Should such a mutual solution not be possible we support our clients’ interests during litigation proceedings before the respective courts.

Of course our clients also receive full support in protecting them against attacks from existing intellectual property rights. Besides the contentious litigation proceedings, defence of this kind can also be an attack against the respective IP right before the responsible Offices and the Courts.